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The mission of the Utah State Correctional Facility Relocation project is to build a safe and secure facility at the greatest value to the taxpayers of Utah with minimal impact to the environment. In 2014, the Utah Legislature voted to move forward with relocation of the Utah State Prison in Draper, the State's largest correctional facility. The new Utah State Correctional Facility will replace an antiquated and costly to operate facility and is a critical component in implementing the comprehensive set of criminal justice reforms approved in the Legislature’s 2015 General Session. The site will provide the public reports, studies and other information on the progress of the development and construction of Utah’s new correctional facility.



SALT LAKE CITY  – The Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) announced today that it has eliminated the east parcel of the Salt Lake City site from consideration for Utah’s new correctional facility. The division will now focus solely on the west parcel. This area is a portion of the Salt Lake City site selected by the Prison Relocation Committee last summer.

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